Kennel Rules:

The cost of boarding is charged from day of arrival to the day of departure.

Any animal left in a kennel for more than two weeks beyond the agreed date of departure without any contact from the owners will, after every possible effort to trace the owner or person responsible, be classified as abandoned and removed from the kennel and taken to an official establishment fit for this purpose.

Payment is required in full upon collection. A deposit may be required in certain circumstances and for long-term bookings.

The only other thing that we’d ask you to bring is your dog’s vaccination certificate to show us that your dog is up to date on their yearly booster injections, and also that they have had an extra vaccination for Bordetella bronchiseptica, which is more commonly known as "kennel cough". This extra vaccination is given to the dog by "squirting" the vaccine up their nose. It's best that it's given about 2 weeks before coming into the kennels. Just for information, there are a couple of different brands of "kennel cough" vaccine. The main ones are "Intrac" which lasts for 6 to 10 months but should be given every 6 months and "NobivacKC" which lasts for a full 12 months. The NobivacKC vaccination is actually nicer for the dog as it is a smaller volume that has to be squirted up their nose!

All dogs must wear a collar and lead on arrival at the kennels

Special arrangements can be made for a day or long term boarders.

Should the need arise our resident vet may be called at the discretion of the proprietors.  ALL FEES AND CHARGES WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER.  We will require the name, phone number and address of the vet normally used by you.

Any cancellations are not notified 48 hours prior to commencement would leave the customer liable to pay the full amount of arranged stay. In the event of a pet leaving earlier than arranged, the full stay WILL be charged.