We will look at each individual animal and each individual home prior to rehoming, to ensure each animal is homed to the right family for them. First, you will have to fill our interest form out (please contact us for that) we can send you one out in the post.

Please give as many details as possible in this form.

Providing the information you have given is ok we will then arrange a home check, were one of our representatives will visit you at your home to discuss your circumstances etc. Our main concern is OUR ANIMALS, we are looking for loving forever homes for our rescues, so this means many questions will be asked to ensure you are the right type of home for them.

We ensure that all animals are assessed before rehoming to get to know them and their temperaments/personalities.

Each animal is an individual, some will be good with others, some will have to be an only one, some are good with small children some are not, these sorts of things are taken into consideration when finding the right animal for your family.

We are a NONE PROFIT organisation and rely solely on donations from people adopting our animals, we ask for a minimum donation of £150 to cover all vet care and to help towards kenneling fee's.

We promote neutering and will try to castrate/spay all of our animals, if an animal comes into our care he/she will be neutered, if for any reason the animal is not neutered when he/she comes to live with you, it will be stated in the adoption contract that this MUST be done.

 By neutering your pets proves to us you are a responsible animal owner and have the animals best interests at heart.