Our aim at Kelsion Kennels is to create a nurturing environment for your dog whilst in our boarding kennels. Low stress, safe and clean facilities - a place where your dog will feel comfortable and cared about (as well as cared for!) while they are boarding with us. Our kennel blocks are designed in small clusters so that your dog will receive the maximum individual time and attention each day. Each kennel block is double gated for the safety security of our guests. Our guests stay in an under-floor heated kennel with easy access to their exclusive outdoor run. We do not encourage the guest to bring their own bedding as we use specialist vet-bedding which enables the under-floor heating to penetrate adequately. This allows the drainage of any soiling in situations such as incontinence, etc., it is also easily washed and dried on a daily basis. However, we do encourage our guests to bring what we call a comfort blanket (or two) in the form of tee shirts or nighties, which smell of their favourite human or the dog's home.

All of our boarding kennels have inclusive runs for the dogs to use at any time of day as they choose and these borders have daily use of our large, supervised and secure exercise area.

All of our kennels, corridors and outdoor areas are cleaned and sanitized (disinfected) on a daily schedule. In addition to this, each dog's kennel and run is checked and cleaned throughout the day, so we 'poop scoop' as the need arises over each day. All bedding is replaced with clean bedding each day. We assure all the possible comforts that you would expect from a professional service at Kelsion Boarding Kennels.

  1. Temperature controlled kennel accommodation with "doggie doors" to individual outside runs.

  2. Each individual kennel has bedding and dishes removed and cleaned daily.

  3. Guests are welcome to bring their own comfort blanket ( or two) in the form of tee shirts or nighties which smell of their favourite human (at the owner's risk).

  4. Individual runs plus large supervised and secure exercise areas.

  5. Range of kennel sizes, large enough for multi-pet families to share comfortably.

  6. Grooming facilities available.

  7. Small, clean and lighted kennelling blocks.

  8. Guests are advised to bring their own food or special dietary requirements, please label these.

  9. 24-hour on-site supervision

  10. Special puppy or geriatric care available

  11. All of our guests have constant access to clean fresh water.

  12. All kennelling areas are double-gated for safety and security.

  13. All kennelling areas are routinely 'poop scooped' throughout each day.

  14. All kennelling areas have scheduled daily cleaning and sanitizing.

  15. Any special diets or administering of vet-prescribed medication will be accommodated.

We pride ourselves on the care and comfort offered to all our guests, be they young puppies or golden oldies with specific requirements.

Our large kennels (most are 6’ x 6’) provide a comfortable area for single, double or even triple occupancy in some cases. Each of the kennel blocks is heated to provide the right amount of heat during cold spells.

Apart from the individual runs attached to each kennel of 8’ X 6’, all the dogs have exercised a minimum of twice a day in our large paddock, ensuring your pet gets the exercise they require.

We are able to take day boarders and long term guests at special rates each agreed before the booking is confirmed.